Timeline of Events

Those who are unfamiliar with the saga and the characters who created it, will find this timeline useful to read and refer to. It was created by Rick Everitt, Publisher of Voice of the Valley fanzine, a reliable chronicle of Charlton affairs since it first appeared during the club’s exile at Selhurst Park, 34 years ago.

29th Nov 2019

East Street Investments agreement to buy Charlton is announced by the club, together with details of new chairman Matt Southall and directors Tahnoon Nimer and Jonathan Heller.

27th Dec 2019

Roland Duchâtelet converts £21.5m of loans to CAFC Ltd into equity.

2nd Jan 2020

Charlton Athletic announce that the takeover is complete.

15th Jan 2020

Southall claims that ESI have a "legal obligation" to buy The Valley and Sparrows Lane within six months.

22nd Jan 2020

Lee Bowyer signs a new three-year contract.

23rd Jan 2020

ESI takeover of CAFC Ltd formally completed, according to Companies House.

24th Jan 2020

Southall claims work on a £15m redevelopment scheme at the training ground will start in the summer.

31st Jan 2020

Charlton sign Aiden McGeady, Matt Smith and David Davies on deadline day but do not disclose that the club is under a transfer embargo.

1st Feb 2020

Nimer makes his first – and only – appearance at The Valley for the 2-1 home win over Barnsley.

9th Mar 2020

Nimer posts on Instagram that he is pulling out.

10th Mar 2020

Southall "accepts" Nimer's resignation. Secretary Chris Parkes is briefly suspended. An EFL statement confirms the Charlton directors passed the OADT, but not the funds test.

11th Mar 2020

Chris Farnell is on talkSPORT as Nimer's lawyer. Claudiu Florica and Marian Mihail are appointed to the ESI board.

12th Mar 2020

CAST call for Southall to resign. He and Heller leave The Valley after rowing with staff, with police watching on.

19th Mar 2020

Southall and Heller are removed from the CAFC board of directors, with Florica and Marian Mihail appointed.

6th Apr 2020

Farnell and Andrei Mihail are appointed to ESI board.

22nd May 2020

The club announces that ESI have notified it of a change in its ownership – Swansea director Huw Jenkins appears to be the buyer, but doesn't proceed.

3rd Jun 2020

Andrew Barclay's interest, together with former chief executive Peter Varney, is revealed by Voice of The Valley.

10th Jun 2020

Paul Elliott announced as the new owner of ESI and next chairman of the club.

10th Jul 2020

Southall terminates Florica, both Mihails, Farnell and Nimer as directors of ESI at Companies House.

13th Jul 2020

The removed directors are reinstated by a court order.

7th Aug 2020

EFL announces that three people – later found to be Farnell, Elliott and A Mihail – have been disqualified under the OADT. Farnell and A Mihail resign as directors of ESI.

11th Aug 2020

CAFC board blocks an attempt to install Dave Jones above Steve Gallen and Bowyer.

12th Aug 2020

Farnell is removed as the club's solicitor.

13th Aug 2020

Thomas Sandgaard's interest announced by the South London Press.

17th Aug 2020

Andrew Barclay drops out in favour of Sandgaard.

1st Sep 2020

Judge Richard Pearce rejects Lex Dominus's bid for an injunction to prevent the sale of ESI to third party.

2nd Sep 2020

Pearce refuses leave to appeal but grants a seven-day interim injunction.

7th Sep 2020

Court of appeal reverses earlier decision and allows injunction on sale of ESI until trial on November 23rd.

25th Sep 2020

Sandgaard buys the club from ESI.