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Charlie Methven; exclusive interview.

19th July 2023

This, finally is the long promised full transcript (less an off-the-record section at Mr Methven’s request) of the interview which we trailed back in mid-May. Its release has been so long delayed because once the EFL scrutiny process commenced it became clear that the EFL was now insisting on complete media silence during the process; […]

Charlie Methven – on the record!

16th May 2023

A transcript of a 35 minute live interview with the Dossier. On 3rd May, Charlie Methven contacted the Dossier with an offer to chat. He said “a mutual acquaintance” had recommended him to contact us, and that he had only recently seen the “five questions” we posed to him in our blogpost on 1. March, […]

The EFL finally “got” Southall. Why did they punish him so leniently?

24th April 2023

If you are a fan of Charlton, Rochdale or Birmingham City, you will have no problem identifying the geezer on the left. Our old ‘friend’ Matt Southall has finally had his collar felt by the EFL for his involvement in the failed takeover at Birmingham. “Mr Southall also accepted a charge of Misconduct after admitting […]

It’s 1st March. So Charlie Methven is free to answer these questions.

01st March 2023

Last Saturday a fan sent the Dossier details of a LinkedIn dialogue between him and Charlie Methven. The exchange was cordial and Mr Methven did not ask for it to be kept P&C. The fan asked why Methven did not provide evidence to the media to prove that the ‘period of exclusivity” for negotiating his […]

Destabilisation, value destruction, fan misery; the Europe -wide legacy of Roland Duchatelet

14th December 2022

Roland Duchatelet is responsible for this mess. Another Christmas approaches and with it yet another crisis for Charlton Athletic. It becomes increasingly apparent that owner Thomas Sandgaard is not able to fulfil the grand dreams that he himself instilled in the fan base when he took over. There is now talk of him selling, although […]

Bolton – another club, same old faces

09th August 2022

Time was when people who share a historic connection between Charlton and Bolton, were football people; the legendary Claus Jensen for example, or fondly remembered manager Phil Parkinson. Nowadays sadly the names that connect us are Laurence Bassini and Matt Southall. We’ve recently shared experiences and compared notes with Bolton Supporters Trust. Happily Bolton, like […]

Outsourcing your dirty work

27th May 2022

A “Think-Tank” tries a hatchet job on the Fan-Led review If you are reading this, and the rest of our website, you are probably a fan who is or has been concerned about your club. Not just because it lost 3-0 at home last week, but because it seems to face serious threats to its […]

Trying it on together

16th March 2022

Thieves fall out, so the saying goes. Of course, the array of dubious characters we are tracking have not been convicted of theft; but their willingness to fall out, make up again, and switch sides, makes it difficult to understand what goals lie behind their activities. The way they can switch their allegiances so easily […]

Laurence Bassini’s “claim” against Charlton – more ridiculous than a Partygate denial

16th February 2022

By now most readers will be aware of Bassini’s claim , revealed by an outlet we were previously unaware of, –the Jewish Telegraph – that he is allegedly owed £1.7 million by the club, and should the statutory demand which he has served not be met or set aside, he could then proceed to issue […]

Orc no.3: Christian Purslow, CEO, Aston Villa

20th December 2021

What did Christian say? “Everything good in football sits in the Premier League” We could almost stop there, couldn’t we, and just dwell on those nine crass, self-entitled words. But Christian didn’t stop there. Nobody had heard of him until that week so he was determined to enjoy his day in the limelight, touring all […]

Orc no.2; Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge, CBE

13th December 2021

We continue our series looking at the Premier League Orcs who are dissing the Fan-Led Review. And yes there were female Orcs – we checked it out, as we try to do with every assertion on this site What did the Baroness say? She used a column in The Sun to turn the hypocrisy amp. […]

Who is dissing the Fan-led Review – and why?

09th December 2021

No sooner had details of the review been released, than out they came, snarling and frothing, like Orcs rushing to defend their Dark Lord – the Premier League. You’ve already seen and heard of them, because some of their pronouncements were pretty outrageous; but we thought it would be useful to put them under a […]

The Fan-Led Review – would it have saved Charlton from grief?

02nd December 2021

That was the simple question that we decided we should pose when evaluating the full Fan-Led Review, which was published a week ago. Now that we’ve had a chance to go through all 160 pages, we are in a position to answer the question. And the short answer is an unequivocal “yes”! That has to […]

Chris Farnell’s Wiki-painia

02nd November 2021

Poor old Chris. Whatever he touches, it soon drowns in controversy. The poor guy cannot even enjoy a nice friendly Wikipedia page, bigging up his enormous contribution to football, without somebody coming along to have it designated as a “whitewash”. And we are not talking about Wiki-vandalism; this looks like an intervention from a serious […]

What’s this all about, then?

14th September 2021

Welcome, and thanks for visiting. Possibly by now you’ve clicked on some images of people on the map, and found yourself taken into a dense collection of Wikipedia-style pages. Maybe you are feeling a little disappointed;

Sending Matt Southall an e-mail? He’ll charge you a grand to read it!

15th October 2021

As our first full week draws to a close we would like to share our joy at receiving from our friends at Rochdale a link to the most preposterous website we’ve come across on this long trail (and believe us, we’ve come across a few) – a site for Sports Media Consultancy Ltd., a company […]

Chris Farnell, monetising players’ data?

12th October 2021

Our Chris has been a bit quiet of late but he emerged from his lair today as the lawyer behind a legal action seeking compensation for the "trading" of players' performance data.

“What’s happening at Rochdale is a failure of football governance”

08th October 2021

A must read article explaining “what” and “why” at Rochdale, which also highlights the connection to what happened here at Charlton.

Matt Southall tries to “invest” in Rochdale, but is faced with a bankruptcy order.

05th October 2021

The unwelcome news that Matt Southall is trying to "invest" in Rochdale FC, which is majority owned by its fans was confirmed last week.