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Links to relevant sites covering governance issues at Charlton and other clubs..

Bolton – another club, same old faces

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Time was when people who share a historic connection between Charlton and Bolton, were football people; the legendary Claus Jensen for example, or fondly remembered manager Phil Parkinson. Nowadays sadly the names that connect us are Laurence Bassini and Matt Southall. We’ve recently shared experiences and compared notes with Bolton Supporters Trust. Happily Bolton, like […]

The Fan-Led Review.

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Tracey Crouch MP's interim report on her review, is the most impressive political manifesto for change in the way English football is run that we have ever read. Now it needs to be converted to a Bill, to be pushed through Parliament. It's our best hope for change that will stop wrong'uns from wreaking the type of havoc we document here.

Price of Football Podcast

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The go-to podcast for serious analysis of football finance, presented in a way the rest of us can easily understand. Kieran Maguire and his co -presenter Kevin Hunter Day have made a point of reporting on dodgy goings-on regardless of the size of the club, and covered the Charlton ESI saga very effectively. The only drawback is that Kevin is a Stripey Nigel (whereas Kieran is a Brighton fan, so that's OK).

Rochdale Supporters Trust

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Rochdale have become the latest club to receive the unwelcome attentions of Matt Southall. We are already co -operating closely, and will cover developments in our Latest News section