Daisy, Daisy, Daisy…

(Screenshot from the TV spot for  Mark Jacobs Daisy fragrances)

At The Charlton Dossier we are always interested to identify additional links between our coterie of wrong’uns.  Especially – but not exclusively – when these links also involve troubled football clubs, where fans are desperate to be rid of current unsatisfactory owners, since circumstances could make them less inclined to question whether they may (like Charlton in 2020) be jumping from frying pan to fire. 

We already have identified a veritable fistful of suspiciously smelly daisy-chains involving our wrong’uns at many clubs, and noted other names such as Massimo Cellino, Erik Alonso, and now Paul Richardson, who crop up along the way.

We have been interested spectators of the latest takeover shenanigans at Birmingham City, not least due to the involvement there of Laurence Bassini.  Readers of previous articles on this site will know Addicks have good reason to distrust him due to his attempts to wring a 7-figure sum of money out of Charlton Athletic on a laughably flimsy pretext, which also involved another of our wrong’uns, Matt Southall.  Furthermore, the board of Bassini’s recently established company Bassini Board Limited (13949658), which appears designed to be his takeover vehicle for BCFC, includes as a director Charlton fans’ least favourite sports lawyer, Chris Farnell.  Not a comforting combination.

With Bassini now seemingly out of the running for BCFC, our attention switched to the replacement bid, fronted by Birmingham businessman Paul Stephen Richardson.  Initially this looked a far better bet for supporters of The Blues, but our antennae soon started twitching when he announced that, if his bid was successful, his plan was to install Matt Southall as CEO.  A smooth tongued operator and fluent liar, Southall’s main aim during his few months as Chairman and CEO at Charlton Athletic appeared in retrospect to be to maximise his personal gains at the expense of the club.

Although Richardson’s involvement is not obvious from the records of BCFC2014 Ltd (08855475) at Companies House, newspaper reports from 2014  made it clear this was the company being used by a consortium which included Paul Richardson, known as the BCFC2014 Group, during a previous unsuccessful attempt to buy Birmingham City.  It has been noted by the Dossier Team that the registered office for BCFC2014 Ltd (Station House, Stamford New Road, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 1EP) was the same as that used by Southall for his company World Sport and Media Ltd (07699583), also incorporated in 2014.  And just to complete another of our daisy-chains, one of the three named directors of BCFC2014 Ltd was the above-mentioned Chris Farnell. 

Now, the word “coincidence” exists because coincidences do happen, especially in a small world such as that of English professional football.  So let us not leap to unverified conclusions. 

However, when you also consider that Bassini was claiming David Sullivan was financially backing his 2022 bid for BCFC, and Richardson was interviewed at length on video in 2020, during which he said how he regarded David Sullivan as a role model for business methods when both were on the board of BCFC, these acquaintance chains do appear to come very close to forming interlocking rings.

May we respectfully suggest to any Bluenoses reading this that they should inspect very carefully the teeth of any gift-horses in their neighbourhood?  #strongertogether