Craig Freeman

FREEMAN, Craig Raymond


Born 1970 in Cardiff and educated at Glyn Derw’ School, Cardiff, (Linkedin) Freeman works as an accountant, specialising in dental practices.  It appears he has no formal accountancy qualifications; if he does, he is too self-effacing to mention them on his website (but not too modest to plug his book “How to run a successful dental business”.)

Freeman has held multiple other directorships, mainly but not exclusively related to accountancy and other business services, including (2007-11) the whimsically named The Little Toothfairy Ltd.

In November 2020 a summary of his business interests recorded:

About MR CRAIG RAYMOND FREEMAN    Director ID 905845089Estimate of his current worth

Mr Craig Raymond Freeman holds 9 appointments at 9 active companies, has resigned from 7 companies and held 12 appointments at 12 dissolved companies. Their longest current appointment spans 12 years, 9 months and 21 days at FREEMAN & CO (ACCOUNTANCY) LIMITED

The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where CRAIG holds a current appointment equals £414.6k, a combined total current assets value of £503.6k with a total current liabilities of £377.5k and a total current net worth of £236.9k.

This does not of course represent the total sum of his assets.  For example, he put his home-cum-office on the market for £1.1M in January 2021.  It does however suggest he lacks the wealth needed to fund a professional football club, and raises questions why he would seek to do so.

Charlton Athletic

Freeman first came to attention in summer 2020 when he joined in the trolling of a Charlton fan who had been critical of lawyer Chris Farnell.  After his account was mentioned on a fans’ forum he first made it private and then deleted it.

On 12 November 2020, the case Lex Dominus (Elliott’s company) v Panorama Magic (Nimer’s company) seeking a judgment on which of them owned East Street Investments came before the Court.  In the meantime, ESI had sold its only asset, CAFC, to Thomas Sandgaard’s company Clear Ocean Capital Ltd, and Panorama Magic did not defend the case.  Judgment was therefore made in favour of Lex Dominus.  Paul Elliott then sent a legal letter to the club claiming the judgment meant that he not only owned East Street Investments, but also its asset CAFC which it should not have sold.  Sandgaard’s lawyers disagreed.  Both Sandgaard and Elliott also explained their positions on Talksport;

Sandgaard from 3:30

Elliott from 04:40

and Sandgaard from 18:50

On 27 November 2020 control of Lex Dominus passed from Elliott to Craig Freeman , and Freeman set about continuing the demands for CAFC where Elliott had left off and with similar lack of success.

Freeman is interested in motor sport and was director of

IFP Services Ltd (formerly Craig Freeman Racing Ltd) (2010-19)

GEN3 Mini Racing Ltd (2014-16)

Easylease Autos Ltd (2020-date)

F7 Sports Ltd (2020-date)

He played for Cardiff Corinthians FC, and has sponsored the Cardiff Devils ice hockey team (which probably costs far less than running a professional football club.)  He has also completed levels 1 and 2 of the ASA Football Agent Course (although that amounts to just 9 hours of course for both, for the bargain sum of about £180)