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Chris Farnell, monetising players’ data?

Our Chris has been a bit quiet of late but he emerged from his lair today as the lawyer behind a legal action seeking compensation for the “trading” of players’ performance data. The case is being brought by ex-Charlton manager Russell Slade who now runs a consultancy called Global Sports Data and Technology Group. Despite the rather grand- sounding name, the currently rather sparse website and LinkedIn profile tell us that it has been in operation just under two years and has just two employees, Slade, and James Dunlop.

The case is explained in the BBC article and we don’t feel qualified to comment on its merits. However we can certainly see the merits for Chris Farnell of being involved. We would be astounded if he is doing this on a no win-no fee basis, and win or lose he will be able to present himself as a doughty fighter for well deserved income for lower-league players.

Nevertheless, we are not sure Russell has chosen his lawyer well. Chris Farnell remains the subject of a Solicitor Regulation Authority inquiry into complaints regarding his alleged conflicts of interest during his involvement in our club. (see the Farnell Dossier).This complaint is now ongoing for over a year. Let’s hope Russell has a Plan B…