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Bolton – another club, same old faces

Time was when people who share a historic connection between Charlton and Bolton, were football people; the legendary Claus Jensen for example, or fondly remembered manager Phil Parkinson. Nowadays sadly the names that connect us are Laurence Bassini and Matt Southall. We’ve recently shared experiences and compared notes with Bolton Supporters Trust. Happily Bolton, like us, are out of immediate danger but their recent experiences, like ours, are an example of why the Fan-Led Review proposals, with the plans for proper regulation of club ownership, is so urgently needed. Two documents from their webpage are instructive, namely two letters to the then CEO of the EFL, Shaun Harvey in January and in April 2019.

We want the website to become a hub that links up the active fans of other ‘distressed’ clubs, particularly those who recognise some of our ‘faces’. Please get in touch if you would like to join Bolton and Rochdale in connecting here.