Tales from the Trail

Read some of the backstories from our investigations, and comments on new developments as they happen.

Destabilisation, value destruction, fan misery; the Europe -wide legacy of Roland Duchatelet

14th December 2022

Roland Duchatelet is responsible for this mess. Another Christmas approaches and with it yet another crisis for Charlton Athletic. It becomes increasingly apparent that owner Thomas Sandgaard is not able to fulfil the grand dreams that he himself instilled in the fan base when he took over. There is now talk of him selling, although […]

Daisy, Daisy, Daisy…

31st July 2022

At The Charlton Dossier we are always interested to identify additional links between our coterie of wrong’uns.  Especially – but not exclusively – when these links also involve troubled football clubs, where fans are desperate to be rid of current unsatisfactory owners, since circumstances could make them less inclined to question whether they may (like […]

Outsourcing your dirty work

27th May 2022

A “Think-Tank” tries a hatchet job on the Fan-Led review If you are reading this, and the rest of our website, you are probably a fan who is or has been concerned about your club. Not just because it lost 3-0 at home last week, but because it seems to face serious threats to its […]

Laurence Bassini’s “claim” against Charlton – more ridiculous than a Partygate denial

16th February 2022

By now most readers will be aware of Bassini’s claim , revealed by an outlet we were previously unaware of, –the Jewish Telegraph – that he is allegedly owed £1.7 million by the club, and should the statutory demand which he has served not be met or set aside, he could then proceed to issue […]

Orc no.3: Christian Purslow, CEO, Aston Villa

20th December 2021

What did Christian say? “Everything good in football sits in the Premier League” We could almost stop there, couldn’t we, and just dwell on those nine crass, self-entitled words. But Christian didn’t stop there. Nobody had heard of him until that week so he was determined to enjoy his day in the limelight, touring all […]

Orc no.2; Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge, CBE

13th December 2021

We continue our series looking at the Premier League Orcs who are dissing the Fan-Led Review. And yes there were female Orcs – we checked it out, as we try to do with every assertion on this site What did the Baroness say? She used a column in The Sun to turn the hypocrisy amp. […]

Who is dissing the Fan-led Review – and why?

09th December 2021

No sooner had details of the review been released, than out they came, snarling and frothing, like Orcs rushing to defend their Dark Lord – the Premier League. You’ve already seen and heard of them, because some of their pronouncements were pretty outrageous; but we thought it would be useful to put them under a […]

The Fan-Led Review – would it have saved Charlton from grief?

02nd December 2021

That was the simple question that we decided we should pose when evaluating the full Fan-Led Review, which was published a week ago. Now that we’ve had a chance to go through all 160 pages, we are in a position to answer the question. And the short answer is an unequivocal “yes”! That has to […]

Can Tracey Crouch save football from the wrong’uns?

08th November 2021

The long awaited Fan – Led Review of football governance is expected to be published any day now. Here we explain what may be expected from it, and why we need to be ready to campaign to ensure that good ideas from it are actually implemented by the Government. When things go wrong in Britain, […]

Our friends in… Bucharest

24th October 2021

Whenever Charlton fans have mobilised in the past to protect the club from existential threats, we’ve usually been well supported in our efforts by the media. This time was different. We had good coverage from the redoubtable Richard Cawley in the South London Press; but such a newspaper doesn’t have the resources to dig into […]

In this section:

22nd October 2021

We were On the Trail of the wrong’uns; that trail has taken us a long way from the Valley and from football, at times. We’ll bring you stories which we hope will be interesting, e.g where there was a Fork in the trail, and what we found after taking that fork is really interesting, but […]